Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 and other versions as well

Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 and other versions as well

Hello, there guys, today I want to present you epic tower defense game from NinjaKiwi – Bloons Tower Defense 5. When this game was first released it made a huge impact on the gaming community, all gamers around the world started to play this awesome tower defense game all day long. Developers noticed that their game was pretty successful so soon enough they have released the second version of the game which had a couple of updates in it, mostly new units to deal with hordes of balloons and also some improvements in graphics. It will take us long to describe each version of the game fully so I will just tell you that there are five versions of Bloons Tower Defense and many small expansions as well.

Game modes
The game features different modes which basically include: easy mode, medium mode, hard mode, deflation, apocalypse, and sandbox mode. In order to play the last three modes, you will have to finish the first easy modes otherwise the game won’t allow you to enjoy the last three hard modes.

Latest and the most popular version – BTD5 with new upgrades, towers, and options, play online for free with us. You can also play an amazing unblocked Happy wheels game.

Bloons Tower Defense 5Towers and upgrades
Now if you play the game for the first time you will have only one tower unlocked – Dart Monkey, after playing for a while you will unlock more advanced towers that have better firepower and other interesting features as well. Totally you will face about twelve main towers which also have different upgrades. You know this is one of my favorite options in this game, not only it has many different towers, but it also allows you to upgrade them as well. The game is pretty complicated and so are your enemies – balloons. They have different types of armor and different speed of movement so be careful and do your best to finish as many levels as possible.

Some tips and tricks
That is all that you need to know about Bloons Tower Defense 5, most of the part you will understand later on in the game when you will face thousands of balloons. A couple of more tips: use slow towers in order to lower balloons movement speed, build a couple of AOE damage towers and also build money farms which will grant you some extra resources to get some epic upgrades and many more.

You control the whole game with a help of a mouse, you don’t need any buttons on your keyboard, all important icons are located on your screen just use your mouse to activate them. If you will hover over the game icons it will display a detailed description, which will tell you all about its functions.

P.S. If you want to see some epic battles in the game I have added a page where are located YouTube videos, you will see how pro gamers are dealing with this awesome tower defense game and you may also learn a lot of interesting stuff from them as well. Also, check our page of game tutorials and guides which will help you to deal with balloons like a boss.

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