Is this game free?  Paper Minecraft is a free online game.
 Does this have to do anything with the official Minecraft game?  No, it is a fan-made flash version with limited functions.
 How do you play this game?  The objective is the same, you control character in the game with a mouse and keyboard.
 Can we add some features to the game?  I collect ideas from the community and send them to the game developers, sometimes they accept our ideas 😉
 Are there various resources and materials in the game?  Despite the fact that it is a fan-made game, you will be shocked by how many features are there available in the game, so the answer is yes.
 Do you have one life in the game?  That would be too harsh and difficult, no, you have many attempts.
 Do you accept user-submitted articles and guides?  Sure we do, I have so far fifteen user-submitted articles on my blog.
 Do you also write guides for other online games?  Well, it would be a shame not to do so. I have many articles about various online games, all of them are popular and trending.
 Do you have rules on your blog?  Nothing specific, usually being friendly and polite is everything that I need from my visitors.
 Do you plan to add a forum?  I have already discussed this subject on my About us page. To be short, yes, I do have such plans, but it hard to achieve, so I am looking for help.
 Where can I contact you?  You can use either Facebook chat, or you can use the Contact form. Both of them are fine for me.
 Do you answer off-topic questions as well?  Sure, why not, just make sure that your questions are worth answering 😀 and interesting as well 🙂

Now I know that the following questions might not be enough and I am aware that you might have specific questions as well, that is okay, you can still find answers to them if you will submit your questions via the contact form. I have a busy schedule, but I can always find time for my visitors.

P.S. Once again, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for having such a huge interest in it, I really appreciate it.