Hello dear friends, dear visitors, dear teammates, and dear readers, I am really happy to see you here and I am happy to see that you have an interest in my blog. I am doing my best to build a fan base of gamers who appreciate Paper Minecraft as much as I do, together we could share our achievements, together we could have more fan, I have been a fan of co-op gamers from the beginning of time and I believe that sharing gamers with friends can be far more enjoyable rather than playing alone.

With that being said, this is the sole purpose of my blog, to bring people together, share knowledge, to share positive memories, and emotions with each other. We could also make some plans and ideas regarding Paper Minecraft, like for example which materials should be added, types of maps, types of instruments, etc. I believe there are a lot of creative and experienced gamers on this blog, together we could create some awesome plans. Maybe we could send our ideas to game developers as well, they could accept our suggestions, who knows, right?

It would be awesome to see some sort of forum as well, so far so good we have a Facebook chat system, it is not that bad, but I think that forum offers us more possibilities. Let me know what you think about it.

Keep in mind that right now I work alone, everything lays on me, article writing, site template designing, graphic editing, etc. I am able to handle this pressure, but it would be awesome to have someone that could help me, if you are experienced in any of the subjects mentioned above and you are willing to help, send your contact details via the contact form.

If you want to find more answers to your questions use the FAQ page, there are listed some generic answers, if your question is not listed there, use the contact form.

I want to mention once again how happy I am that I have found so many Minecraft fans with a help of this blog, please help me to build a bigger community, share this blog with your friends, invite them here, together we can achieve more, together we can create our own happy corner.