We all love Minecraft, this game is incredible, it has so many modes, different features, interesting worlds, etc. In one word game is awesome, but it always lacked accessibility, in order to play this game you had to install a lot of different files, in some cases some third modes, drivers, etc. Well, this is not a problem anymore, because we have an online version called – Paper Minecraft.

You can simply load our blog in your browser and start playing the game without any problem, no installation is required, sounds cool right? Yeah, online gaming is a very convenient thing for sure.

WASD – move, jump and swim.
Mouse click – place or dig blocks.
E – open inventory or chest.
F – eat the held item.
Space bar – drop/split an item from a stack.
O (letter) – save the current game progress.
P – pause or resume the game.

To open a chest, crafting table or furnace, place the mouse cursor over it and press E.

How to play:
At first, you select your game mode, depending on game mode your object changes accordingly. For example in some cases your main mission is to survive, in some cases game might require from you to show your creativity and your imagination and in other cases, you can simply play a peaceful game and build stuff, etc.

A lot of people usually choose a creative path, people love to build different stuff and create a new world from a scratch, but you can always choose a different unique road, you can mix creativity and survivability at the same time. This game offers freedom of choice, this is exactly what makes it so unique and entertaining.

Anyway, the game is all about crafting different stuff, you collect materials that are scattered across the world, you hit the E button and you start crafting different useful items. Later on, you can use these items to simplify your objective in the game (which can be dangerous or which can require from you creative way of thinking).

Game modes:
There are different parameters of the game, for example, you can select three different game modes: survival, peaceful, and creative. You can also change world type: default one and flat one. You can also change skin if your character, etc.

Ability to save progress:
In a lot of cases people play Paper Minecraft for a while, they build stuff, they progress in the game and they obtain different stuff. It would be a shame to lose all of this after closing the browser. This is exactly why game developers have added the ability to save game progress. You visit the main menu of the game window and click the load game button.

I have tested this feature countless times before, it works perfectly well and I haven’t seen any malfunctions before, you can definitely trust this feature, just don’t forget to press the O letter, this is the button responsible for game progress saving.

Example words:
You have probably noticed this option in the main menu of the game window, you are probably wondering what this thing is all about. Well, this option is simply the ability to play other players generated worlds, you just scroll through the list, select a specific word and type the name of it in the window and hit enter, the game loads the selected level and you can check what kind of world is there.

It is an awesome way to find new creative ideas and check other player’s work. I use this feature from time to time and I must say that it is pretty interesting.

This game on your device:
I love to play this game at work from the PC browser, however, sometimes I play it from a phone as well. Yes, this game is available for playing from the phone, and download links are available below.

YouTube guide:
Oh where we all would be without a good old video guide? I got one for you as well, check it below and find all the hidden secrets of the game.

Paper Minecraft is a decent game with an amazing world, with an amazing objective and interesting quests. Along your adventure you will find a lot of hidden secrets of the game, you will explore creative worlds, you will complete different objectives and you will defeat a lot of monsters.

Play it online with us and I guarantee that you won’t feel bored ever again.

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